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How to get WordPress Categories and Subcategories as a multi-dimentional array

WordPress has improved much more after integrating REST Api in their CMS. This gives us much more flexibility for building mobile applications. Though currently it is providing some basic functions but you can extend its functionality in any directions. If you are working with web services where your back-end is running on WordPress, then you […]

A step by step guide on how to install ImageMagick in Windows

ImageMagick is powerful, free and open source software suite which contributed to create, edit, convert images throughout the years. It supports creating various type of image formats. The library is available on different versions of operating systems like windows, linux, mac etc. It is easy to install on Unix OS from command prompt but creates […]

How to upgrade php 5.6 to php 7 in XAMPP on Windows

User Alert: Click here to run multiple PHP versions in Windows. PHP 7.0.0 is released on 3rd Dec. 2015. It comes with more strong features which I listing below – PHP 7 is almost twice as fast as PHP 5.6 Low memory usage Introducing null coalescing & Spaceship operator Scalar & Return type declarations Session […]

How to add home & logout link in wp_nav_menu in WordPress

Add this code in your theme’s functions.php file. function addHomeMenuLink($menuItems, $args) { if(‘main’ == $args->theme_location) { if ( is_front_page() ) $class = ‘class=”current-menu-item”‘; else $class = ”; $homeMenuItem = ‘<li ‘ . $class . ‘>’ . $args->before . ‘<a href=”‘ . home_url( ‘/’ ) . ‘” title=”Home”>’ . $args->link_before . ‘Home’ . $args->link_after . ‘</a>’ […]

How to create WordPress user using latest Facebook PHP SDK

There are many plugins available for WordPress to integrate login with social networking sites. Some of them are very handy as non-technical person can install and manage those following their simple instructions. But many of them comes with their in-built buttons or images as a group of login links. For many developers, it becomes nightmare […]

Share Users and Session with Different WordPress Installations

Sometimes you have two different websites powered by WordPress running on your server, one for your main features and other is for blogging. Main website has some users but you do not want the same users to register again for your blog also. When the user will login your website, it will automatically be logged […]

Add Custom Dashboard Widget in WordPress

This code will display a custom dashboard widget in wordpress admin.

Display limited words in WordPress

Want to display limited words in wordpress while displaying content? As earlier you tried to combine multiple functions to achieve this. This useful function with do the rest.